Strategic Partners


Carmel Biosciences plans to further expand its existing and developing pipelines by utilizing the scientific expertise of its team to create novel products and by obtaining licensing rights for compounds with patent protection from its network of universities and other start-up drug development companies. Enabled by our extensive global network, the Carmel Biosciences business model has rapidly identified promising formulations of known compound entities. The typical cost of such projects using our business model is significantly below “traditional” development models and has the further advantage of accelerating speed to market.

Carmel Biosciences’ management team has proven ability to execute the strategy of identifying and evaluating novel formulations then contributing value-added processes to bring products through clinical trials to licensing.

Why Invest In Carmel?

Proven track record for discovering novel compounds that can be rapidly commercialized to quickly generate revenue

Unique solutions to shorten the pathway for critical R&D milestone decisions and planning through its talented organization and strong international network

Immediate formulation and marketing of a nutraceutical product for a high demand indications - generating revenue at an early stage

Generate an IND from its drug discovery program within seven months of candidate selection for accelerated human studies.  This would result in an attractive model for strong clinical data with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and low involvement for internal resources

Interested with Partnering Opportunities?

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