About Us


Carmel Biosciences is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2016 that addresses critical needs in new drug and liquid reformulation for cardiovascular and metabolic therapies. The Carmel Biosciences team combines a deep understanding of lipid biochemistry and clinical expertise in the cardiovascular and metabolic space.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide winning therapeutic products which exhibit a high degree of safety and efficacy to the marketplace in a timely and cost efficient manner.


Strengths and Competitive Advantage


  • A corporate focus devoted to identification, evaluation and development of novel pharmaceutical formulations that can be developed expeditiously and at low cost


  • A world-class management and advisory team contributing their specialist experience in the fields of drug/product development, marketing and business development


  • The potential value from the portfolio of patent applications for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders


  • Highly flexible and agile organization with our virtual strategy and process efficiencies


  • Opportunistic approach characterized by swift decision-making and ability to redirect research and business efforts at reduced time and cost