About Us

Carmel Biosciences is focused on clinical research and small molecule discovery and development in the areas of prescription drugs and nutraceuticals.  Our strength is that through rigorously performed clinical research, we develop drugs and nutraceuticals to mitigate risk factors in cardiovascular, metabolic and central nervous system diseases. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and develop compounds through clinical studies with speed and efficiency through the successful assimilation of ideas honed over a decade. We own or have rights to three patents for compounds within its pipeline. Our products are developed through intelligent drug design to target common molecular pathways for complex multi-factorial disease. Safety concerns are minimized as products are based on naturally occurring compounds with proven efficacy. The executive team combines a deep understanding of lipid biochemistry and chemistry with clinical expertise in the cardiovascular and metabolic space.

Our Strengths


  • Corporate focus devoted to identification, evaluation and development of novel pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations


  • World-class management and advisory team contributing their specialist experience in the fields of drug/product development, marketing and business development


  • Potential value from the portfolio of pending patent applications for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, and appetite suppression


  • Multi-platform approach with the ability to further create products or acquire them from external entities to add to the pipeline


  • Already identified, cost-efficient product development and international research collaborations


  • Highly flexible and agile organization with low fixed overhead due to our virtual strategy and process efficiencies


  • Opportunistic approach characterized by swift decision-making and ability to redirect research and business efforts quickly and at low cost