Research & Development


Carmel Biosciences Carmel Biosciences focuses on prescription drugs in large and growing markets, including obesity and lifestyle induced diseases. A primary driver of the Carmel Biosciences value proposition is in the field of reformulation of popular drugs 505(b)(2), and the development of new chemical entities (NCEs). This results in the leveraging of their known safety and efficacy, thereby minimizing risk of failure.

Carmel`s Drug Discovery Program

Focuses in the key areas of disease management for multiple indications

Maintains a strong global network to create a superior drug discovery organization

Maintains and fosters R&D alliances and partnerships with internationally renowned research institutes and experts

Operates successfully as a virtual company model with low overhead and optimized efficiencies




CAR-501 - PREXXARTAN™ (Valsartan Oral Solution, 4 mg/mL) (NDA Approval Dec. 2017)

CAR-503 and CAR-504 Projects


CAR-208 Novel Compounds targeting diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) disorders (Stroke Management, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis). CAR-208 dramatically reduces brain infarction in a rat stroke model and exhibits a high level of neuroprotection and positive effects on oxidative stress markers.

INV-144 is a combination of a antihypertensive drug, in combination with a powerful antioxidant and Nrf2 activator.

INV-404 and INV-405 400 Series of pro-drug candidates have been designed to inhibit key biological pathways associated with atherosclerosis.

INV-311 has been shown to be an effective inhibitor of MPO in early in-vitro models

INV-155 in combination with antihypertensive has been shown to act in a synergistic manner, and when used prophylactically, dramatically reduced the size of infarcts in in-vivo models in at-risk patients, as well as in patients who initially present with a stroke


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