Research & Development


Carmel Biosciences focuses on drugs and nutraceuticals in large and growing markets, including obesity and lifestyle induced diseases. A primary driver of the Carmel Biosciences value proposition is the development of first generation products based on approved generic drugs and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) nutraceuticals. This results in the leveraging of their known safety and efficacy, thereby minimizing risk of failure.

Using our proprietary technology and with the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada, we have developed a novel drug, completed a pre-clinical efficacy trial and filed patents for our new chemical entity, CAR-208 to thereby demonstrating in vitro and in vivo efficacy to provide benefits and mitigate risk factors for indications including CNS, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, Carmel Biosciences is pursuing nutraceuticals which can be marketed in tablet, capsule, supplement packet, shake or bar form. We have existing nutraceuticals that are available for sale on  We have additional nutraceuticals in the pipeline.  Met-191 is now available, and it is aimed at appetite suppression and the maintenance of cardiometabolic health.

Carmel`s Drug Discovery Program

Focuses in the key areas of disease management for multiple indications

Maintains a strong global network to create a superior drug discovery organization

Maintains and fosters R&D alliances and partnerships with internationally renowned research institutes and experts

Operates successfully as a virtual company model with low overhead and optimized efficiencies


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