Carmel Pharma, LLC

Intellectual property that focuses on the reformulation of approved drugs.

CAR-501 - PREXXARTAN™ Valsartan Oral Solution, 4 mg/mL (NDA Approval Dec. 2017)

CAR-503 and CAR-504 Projects

CAR-505, CAR-506, CAR-507, and CAR-508 Projects

CAR-509, CAR-510, CAR-511, and CAR-512 Projects


Carmel ANDA, LLC

FDA-Approved generic drugs that are poised to sell to hospital, medical offices, and pharmacies.

CAR-513, CAR-514, and CAR-515 Projects


CARMEL Biohealth, LLC

Nutraceutical products that maintain cardiovascular and metabolic health

CAR-191, CAR-192, CAR-193, and CAR-194 Projects


Atlanta Clinical and Research, LLC

An existing medical practice and clinical research center that has contracts and agreements with government agencies, third party insurance companies, and industry-sponsored clinical trials..


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